6 things you should know about Google AdWords

Do you begin your adventure with Google Adwords? This is a powerful advertising tool, which let you find new customers within reasonable costs of a campaign. The more familiar you are with this amazing Google tool, the most efficient your campaign will be.

6 basic truths on how to run Google AdWords Ads

Illustration to the blog post about Google Adwords1. Google AdWords allow you easily place your paid links (advertisements) on high positions of search result pages

2. Google AdWords is a type of PPC advertising campaign. According to this, you will "Pay Per Click"

3. An average cost per click in the UK has been estimated between £0.66 and £1.32 in 2016.

4. The link is visible immediately after launching the campaign

5. Knowing how Google AdWords Campaign works and how to analyze Google reports you can get amazing ROI

6. A well-run Google Adwords campaign maximizes the number of impressions, while significantly lowering your advertising costs

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