Best Free Online SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very challenging task, which requires continuous analyzing of various metrics. You can save o lot of time by automatizing it on the clever way. The Internet Society offers plenty of free tools that are very efficient and updated accordingly to changes of Google Algorithm. Below you can find the choice of the most popular tools, which are SEO must have now.

Best Free Online SEO Tools

Blog illustration to the post about free tools which are SEO must have and will help you to improve website performance. Google Analytics, Search Console, Copyscape, Screaming Frog, WooRank.

  • Google Search Console - powerful platform developed by Google. Before it was known as Webmasters Tool. GSC shows traffic metrics and helps you to monitor your website performance. It's a 100% free tool.

  • Google Analytics - free solution for webmasters, offered by Google to help them measure a website performance. Using Google Analytics statistics you will find information about a number of users visiting your website, average visit duration, the most popular pages of your website and much more. 

  • Woorank - the easy-to-use tool, which offers global check out of your website. Each technical parameter is widely explained. You can also find advice that will help you to improve your website. The minus - Woorank is free but only for a very short period of time. Then you need to upgrade to the paid version.

  • Copyscape - either you like it or not, Google loves text content. The text is a very powerful weapon of your online marketing strategy, as long as it's unique and not duplicated one. If you ever have copied and pasted someone's else text, better avoid this practice in future due to the fact that Google punishes duplications. On the other hand, pretend your website from text thieves. Using Copyscape you can easily check if your website has external duplication and which other site has similar text. The free version lets you check single URLs. With paid version, you can scan multiple URLs. The average price for a single scan (single URL) is 0,05$. 

  • Screaming Frog - Are your analytical? Do you love tables with data? If yes, Screaming Frog is definitely for you. It will provide you with broad information about your URLs - canonical link, redirections, title, metadescriptions, protocols, and others. Free version scans up to 500 URLs.